Candace Montgomery

This review is long and long overdue. I saw Robin 2 years ago for anxiety and depression. My doctor referred me to her after I stated that I wanted to be weaned off the medication I was taking for my anxiety. Honestly I didn’t think it was working anymore and rather than increase my dosage or change my prescription I wanted to just get over it. Because I live in Calgary I went to a Hypnotherapist closer to home, I assumed that it didn’t really matter who I saw. At my next appointment I mentioned to my doctor that the hypnotherapy I got didn’t make much of a difference for my anxiety, and I got educated. Apparently anyone can call themselves a Hypnotherapist I guess it’s not really regulated. I had no idea.
My doctor encouraged me to try again with Robin so I made an appointment. I liked her immediately. She was quirky, funny and real. And SMART. This lady knows what she is talking about! She told me I would need 6 sessions. I remember doing the math, 6 sessions was a little more than what I was paying in a year for my meds even after some pretty good benefits. So I thought, why not?
Robin saved my life. I didn’t even do all of the homework she gave me (sorry Robin) and I still recovered from a life time of anxiety and periodic depressive episodes. A life time! I started feeling better right after the first session. And it got better and better. I am now in control of my thoughts and my feelings. She gave me a better understanding of why I felt the way I did and the cause and I healed. It’s amazing that in just 6 hours she was able to do what 10 years of regular Psychologist appointments couldn’t do. Needless to say I told everyone I knew. And everyone I knew that went to see her has been happy they did.
I recently started feeling anxious again and got worried. I knew it was because of the whole covid business but I was feeling uncomfortable and afraid that my crippling anxiety would come back. So I went for a “touch up”. She’s still real, she’s still funny and I think she might even be smarter!
Thank you Robin. I think about you all the time, your voice is in my head “how would I rather feel” and I am grateful for it.

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